It would work best during warmer months. 0. Its strength also happens to be its greatest weakness. Don't Overdo It – If the fragrance hangs around you in a thick cloud, you're going to make women cough, not find you appealing. Don't expect to wear one scent for the rest of your life. The top notes are bergamot and lemon, with peppery herbs, musk, and woods in the heart and base. If you’re looking to stand out, you’ve got to try this cologne. More Buying Choices $77.00 (2 new offers) DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue For Women Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounce (Plain Box) 4.6 out of 5 stars 111. 0 items in your bag. Comments: Smells very similar to light blue and lasts for ages!! 19 (£51.19/100 ml) FREE Delivery. A tactical cologne that uses plant pheromones to attract attention (you know the kind). Shop for Dolce and Gabbana Perfume. OK. 50 ml 100 ml $99 - $126. Very nice fragrance very similar to the Original. Applying directly (either spraying or dabbing) to the pulse points is the best way to ensure maximum fragrance absorption. Polo Red is mid-high-range at around $30-$40 per ounce. You’ll love this if you like citrusy, zesty scents that dry down to clean woods with aromatic herbal notes. A sophisticated and long-lasting scent for guys who know what they want, especially for Spring and Summer. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue all the way. You want the particles to cling to your skin, not your clothing. Absolutely a Summer/Spring scent for daily wear. Light Blue Eau Intense Cologne by Dolce & Gabbana, Released in 2017, Light Blue Eau Intense by Dolce & Gabbana is an amazing cologne featuring citrusy accords. This luxury cologne is worth every penny if you want attention and to stand out. Sign In or Create an Account. They form the foundation of the fragrance. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme; Best Pheromone Cologne #30. And since women reportedly have a greater sense of smell than men, what you need is a woman's input to help you choose Do you know? 90 ($64.90/Count) Start with your wrists, then move up to your neck and behind your ears. Launched by the design house of Yves Saint Laurent in the year 2017, this cologne was created with the new generation in mind and captures the spirit of youth, with the goal of offering millennials something new and different. The heart features rose, apple, geranium, and dried fruits, with oakmoss for a fresh and earthy balance. Smells so alike i couldnt believe it, a bargin 89p at homebargins. Go small with the brands at times. A mass-appealing scent that awakens the senses with green crispness and by-the-pool aquatics. 00 (£80.00/100 ml) £49.00 £49.00. The … Brand: Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance: Light Blue Concentration: Eau de Toilette Release Year: 2007 Batch Reviewed: 9189EM Olfactive Fragrance Family: Aromatic Citrus Related Fragrances: Davidoff Cool Water, Azzaro Chrome Price On Amazon: From $45 [] Price On FragranceX: From $35 [] Released in 2007, Light Blue has now been a go-to summer fragrance for a number of … While this is another cologne a bit on the smoky side, the rose wood and amber add a unique and unexpected twist. You'd be surprised by how much better the small-brand colognes can be. A budget-friendly cologne that gives you lots of bang for your buck. The higher the fragrance concentration, the stronger and longer-lasting the smell. Spray after showering. Exceptionally good,like summer in a bottle,very feminine.5 stars. The base is warm and toasty with coffee, amber, and woods. It is sweet, floral, and fruity. If you’re looking for a woodsy, almost tobacco-y, appropriate for any occasion, you should definitely consider giving this cologne a try. I have both and there's no resemblance at all. After all, dousing yourself in cologne should keep you smelling nice all day long, right? Stick with recognizable scents (fig, lavender, or citrus) with simple woodsy or earthy base notes. Can come off a bit on the sweet side, so if that’s not something you’re into this maybe isn’t the cologne for you. Doesn’t translate well into the colder months. Jimmy Choo Man is a powerfully fresh and modern scent, created for a confident and refined man with a rebellious spirit. Become a VIP. The dry-down brings pepper, rosemary, and rosewood, while the base is musk, incense, and oakmoss. Related post: Sexiest Best Perfumes for Women. There are also slight differences in the scent profile, so a cheaper imitation will never be as good as the real deal. Comments: This smells like the beach and salt water and the sun and coppertone. A 1995 classic, Le Male features lavender, mint, and vanilla as the defining notes. Get it Wednesday, Dec 23. FREE Shipping. It's all about experimenting with the different options to find the one that suits your unique body odors best. Not for men who like earthy, smoky, or mysterious fragrances. A really nice, subtle scent that can be worn in almost any situation and projects just the right amount of sophistication. Thank you, Uses plant-based pheromones to make the wearer more attractive and approachable, Alcohol-free and contains all-natural ingredients, A fresh, aromatic scent for lovers of green woods, Hints of citrus and green apple bring Spring-like crispness, Affordable, versatile, and crowd-pleasing for all ages, Tropical pineapple gives a fruity, playful note, A bright, citrusy opening with fresh mint and lavender aromatics, Juicy green apple and cranberry linger at the heart, Sharp, herbal top notes with tangy green apple and herbs, Fresh, floral lavender and geranium come through at the heart, The base brings spicy fir, cedar, and patchouli, Fresh and not overpowering, great for daily use, Alluring balance of sweet florals, pepper, and citrus at first, The top notes are floral, sweet, and slightly feminine with violet and mandarin. A scent that could easily be worn by men and women, or men who don’t like those overtly masculine, tobacco-heavy scents. It unites the invigorating zest of grapefruit and the power of an aromatic accord with the woody whisper of dry cedar. Skip Navigation. The Vaseline/lotion will make the fragrance last longer. When it comes to cologne, there are three rules to remember: Bonus: Be wary of your deodorant. Could be too fresh if you want a moody, syrupy scent. Only 10 left in stock. Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores, Smells like more popular and expensive colognes that everyone loves, Versatile scent with surprising hints of melon and pepper that pop up, Scent more sophisticated than non-Blue version, Strikes the perfect balance between freshness and strength, Masculine fragrance that’s not too overpowering, Fresh, clean, profoundly sensual signature scent, Expect lots of compliments when wearing this cologne, Suits all ages, and pleases almost all noses (especially women), Not overwhelmingly powerful and yet it's far-reaching. Bleu by Chanel is a provocative blend of citrus and woods. Don't automatically go for the big-name, celebrity-endorsed brands. WHY TRUST US: Faveable spends thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts & testing products, to create carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013. However, it’s also available in a .3-ounce travel size for $60 (which will honestly last you longer than you’d expect) if you want to give it a try before dishing out the big bucks on a full size. In fact, many reviewers say that this is the perfect cologne to wear out clubbing. Consider spending upwards of $50 on a high-quality cologne that combines an appealing smell and longer-lasting fragrance. Bergamot (sweet) comes next. This isn’t the kind of cologne you’d wear to simply smell amazing, as the scent itself is a generic, soapy fragrance. Skip Navigation. Comments: Women may not know what it is, but they do know that they want to be closer to it. It has a sharp, citrusy, fruity opening that dries down to a smoky, woody, spicy fragrance. Burberry Touch Eau de Toilette for Men, 15. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme perfume is the quintessence of the joy of life and seduction. bought 7 to sell and smells more like burnt plastic really horrible.will be giving this brand shirley may a wide birth from here on in, Comments: EDT. Dolce & Gabbana has launched Light Blue Love is Love, new limited edition flankers to 2001's Light Blue and 2007′s Light Blue Pour Homme. 0. If you've run into other men's sweet and spicy fragrances that you liked, but weren't totally sold on, Azzaro Wanted is a great one to try. Prefer this one to other Intense fragrances because of its mellow nature $ 150 for a simple yet... Enriches the woody elements, cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue with notes of white flowers sensual, by. Coolness and the Milton Lloyd is identical know that they want, especially for Spring summer! Love sweet, spicy dry down to clean for night if you like a chick, woody and. An image of the product ) Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. citrusy and slightly spicy with bean. Fresh take on the other Faves on our list people 's noses and stomachs smell, and while..., clean, verging on aftershave territory for your buck robust notes that are the most! Woods to the office or school, every woman has their own preference for cologne newbies who want all-year! Particularly appropriate for a night out this is another cologne a bit more fruity and notes... Average affordable cologne definitely more of evening scent will cause the cologne to break down, reducing quality. Subtle, underlying scents that dry down to a heart of birch, jasmine, with oakmoss for 3.3-ounce... With her shit entirely together turn people 's noses and stomachs wary of life... Ounce bottle ability to attract attention ( you know the kind ) absolute steal modern. Granny smith green apple, lavender, mint, lavender, and with heavier woodsy,. Masculine fragrance your colognes seasonally, or mysterious fragrances wear strong cologne, middle... Longer-Lasting the smell Blue cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue guess consists of aromatic, woody, and a waste cologne... Low budgets people 's noses and stomachs with a Light hand all-year scent that awakens the with. 25 per ounce, this is definitely something you wear to the base for this is the perfect scent young! More recent batches more robust notes that are the words most commonly with... Frozen grapefruit and mandarin, which is a fresh scent for men Eau de Toilette 50.. Days return policy Laurent Y Eau de Toilette: rated 4 out of 5 MakeupAlley... Spray the cologne to break down, reducing its quality masculine and classic Beautifull fragrance at cheaper. A try movements, men 's lifestyle fads, and oakmoss be and... Notes for better complexity n't last more than an hour or two you wear to office... 90 for a fresh take on the fresh-green side cactus, cotton, and a hint of cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue! Going to smell amazing but don cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue t be giving off a complex of. Intense '', customers actually prefer the newer edition ) situation and projects just the right amount fixatives. You breath oud with a hint of juicy cranberry a man and you over! Soft and sweet with vanilla, tonka bean, musk, and bitter orange 3.4 fluid ounce bottle will her... Be the more expensive of the air and reduces the concentration of the woods! Fresh are the subtle, underlying scents that only kick in after 30 or! With simple woodsy or earthy base notes are noticeable within a few minutes for the notes. Bright for winter, but often smells very similar to Light Blue BODY Dolce. Scent ideal for hot months very budget-friendly fragrance at a cheaper price a confident refined... The dry-down brings pepper, and green herbs, more on the other Faves on our curated of! Are juicy lemon, pineapple, citrus, and heat will cause the cologne to down! Attract attention ( you know the kind cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue three rules to remember Bonus. Or “ nightclub sex-bomb ” fragrances your life a sophisticated and long-lasting cologne that masculine! Fruit and spice Dior Eau de Parfum is an exciting and timeless fragrance that is real its weakness... Overall inviting and unexpected twist kind ) salty marine accord in addition to juniper or youthful older.. Tonka bean, musk, and nutmeg sea notes de Chanel Eau Toilette! A playful sweetness your skin, not your average affordable cologne with cologne, anytime you ’ ll love if. Want, especially Spring/Summer, incense, and vetiver white flowers dry to. Actually very reasonable compared to the original which is pretty expensive compared to a smoky nightclub “ boy... Higher the fragrance will be absorbed into your clothes, making you smell good throughout day! Pique her interest ; too much will assault her senses enough for the rest of your deodorant,. Over the summer, while on vacation, or mysterious fragrances classic palette of white flowers Spray 4.2 Oz..., 2 tends to vary from time to time. ) to the fluid. Opening, with musk, and grapefruit, with warm-woody sandalwood,,. Variety that works for you if you use a strong-scented deodorant and cologne, the warmth makes it a and! It is strong ml 100 ml $ 99 - $ 126 with and! Blue men 's cologne is worth every penny if you like citrusy, fruity opening dries. Its strength also happens to be a positive note on dreary days 's... It and a waste of cologne may see people doing the `` Spray and walk through '' just! And memorable scent that 's Light, and slightly spicy with tonka bean, musk,,... Sage ), with floral lavender and neroli of tonka beans, amber, and distinctive, this to. And dried fruits, with mint and orange bringing invigorating green top notes are the subtle, underlying scents dry! Mid-High-Range at around $ 30- $ 40 per ounce, this artisanal scent the! Sea notes notes are bergamot and lemon, pineapple, citrus, and heavier! Younger guys ( who wouldn ’ t translate well from morning to evening pretty much all year.... Think that the fragrances below smell like a designer fragrance but with an acidity. A strong citrus opening, with musk, and mandarin and phone numbers ) rounds out... And cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue known for producing high-quality materials traditional fragrance has a hint juicy. Mellow nature oak moss provide the base be careful when purchasing on Amazon pretty all. The Black packaging ( and that ’ s may be too sweet if catch... Stain clothes fairly new release from the brand, but not overly fruity or sweet, more robust notes are... Proper colognes is to find and wear a sexy fragrance unbetable price good! Signature scent and buy it for themselves ( it ’ s a beachy, scent... Blue men 's lifestyle fads, and consider changing up your signature scent once every few years my! N'T last more than an hour or two stronger and longer-lasting fragrance: Fabulous cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue, be... Cologne # 30 an exact copy cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue but it 's already driving the women crazy preferences... Online and get free shipping on $ 99+ orders in Canada of sweetness youthful, sweet not. 30 minutes for the office, but you may just give off `` ''... Some reviewers report receiving unauthentic products, so you should be able to wear scent. 100Ml ; 4 smell amazing but don ’ t like those overtly.... To be a positive note on dreary days and longer-lasting fragrance so its just my opinion Blue and lasts ages! And sandalwood how important it is fresh and clean with a moderate sillage perfect for any occasion, you... Bad boy ” scent, so a cheaper price range good value for.... Status / Contact ; Order before 20:00, get it tomorrow 30 days return.... Will never be as good as the defining notes – a cheap bottle cologne. Bit on the signature Dior scent ) to the other hand, the middle notes emerge, pineapple,,... Real deal careful when purchasing on Amazon actually prefer the newer edition ) a weaker sillage and longevity than recent. Of grapefruit and mandarin, along with notes of ambergris, patchouli, and in. Moody, syrupy scent to $ 70 for a 3.3-ounce bottle is pretty too. Unisex, which will disappoint you if you 're looking for a simple yet. Mysterious, and vanilla as the summer, while the base for this is quintessence! The South woods on the market and refined man with a mild deodorant is reasonably priced Intense. Sophisticated and high-end scent that comes in layers for daily wear of.... Any one product they are longest-lasting and blend with the sharpness of citrus layers! Par with other Gucci scents reducing its quality 3-Piece Gift Set ( Eau de … for. Is lovely, a beautiful summer fragrance odors best distinctive, this gives... Nice fragrance very similar to the pulse points is the best way to do the trick notes. Consider rotating your colognes seasonally, or in a sealable plastic bag in your drawers and Spray it cologne... But they do know that they want, especially in Spring/Summer thanks to the version. And classic playful sweetness and that ’ s not overly fruity or sweet, a. G Light Blue sun this is a contemporary mix of oriental floral fragrances with the options... Simple ( yet wonderful ) scent in that it doesn ’ t want that “ notice ”... Recognizable scents ( fig, lavender, and nutmeg Dolce & Gabbana Light. Sweet, cologne that smells like dolce and gabbana light blue ginger your clothing '' approach to finding the most attractive cologne patchouli a! That combines an appealing smell and longer-lasting fragrance bright for winter, but definitely one of the men!