MSR put a little loop of rope at the end to help you pull them out. And these pegs are less than six grams each, making them the lightest ones currently available. Tent pegs have come a long way from the old wire shepherd’s hook pegs you remember from your childhood camping days. We’re happy to pay a little more for tent stakes that are this reliable. You’re going to need one of these. Home » Gear » Best Tent Stakes (Pegs) and How to Secure your Tent. Bought me new tent pegs. The process can be easier than you might think. A chemical is listed if it has been classified as a reproductive toxicant or carcinogen by an "authoritative" organization on the subject. Carbon fiber body, with aluminum heads and tips. Despite the high durability, these stakes are lightweight and packable. The Prop 65 list contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that are known to California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Sold in 4 packs. MSR Carbon Core Tent Peg Review. If you’re pitching your tent on sandy or soft soil then a regular hook is useless, and even a decent Y-stake may not cut it. Ultralight backpackers are very fond of materials like aluminium alloys, titanium and carbon fibre for their excellent strength to weight ratios. Chemicals will also be listed if they are required to be labeled or identified as a carcinogen or as a reproductive toxicant by an agency of the state or federal government. The opposite "flat edge," which consists of three points, can be stretched tightly and attached to a shelter, car rack, or even the pole-supported vestibule of a tent to form a protected area. Tent pegs in history and society. When we say “strong” we mean for their weight. These will take a beating without bending, and are rust and corrosion resistant. Similar to those supplied with my Zephyros. Steel Tent Pegs 300mm 10 Pack $9.99. Tent stakes have a sneaky way of disappearing once you detach the guy lines. Sometimes the ground is hard and you need a stake you can pound. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. A tent's biggest enemy is UV radiation (just like your skin). What causes condensation and how do I reduce it in my tent? In windy conditions, your tent shakes and the force transfers via your guy lines to pull out your pegs. The Carbon-Core ™ tent stake uses a carbon fiber core for strength and rigidity, and an aluminum covering for durability. We design & adapt our gear to any weather conditions. Mildew can permanently damage the waterproof coatings by causing them to separate from the fabric, but mild to severe staining is more common. Aluminum and titanium are somewhere in the middle, with titanium being the stronger, but more expensive, of the two. That’s why MSR gear has always been engineered to the highest quality standards and rigorously tested before it reaches you. There’s always going to be a tradeoff between strength and weight. Your guy line may need some protection from friction against ice. Hang it outside or pile it loosely in your house for a few days, turning it inside and out to assure it has dried everywhere. The steel shepherd hooks your tent came with should be fine. 8. We never advise hammering tent stakes but, let’s face it, sometimes you have to. The Terra Nova model has a plastic cap to both retain the guyline and protect the shaft, and a small metal point to make it possible to drive into the ground. Many MSR backpacking tents can be pitched using only the rainfly, poles and footprint, and in our tent specs we call this non-industry standard setup option our Fast & Light weight. At this time we’re unable to share updated timelines for re-stocks on specific products as things are changing quickly and unpredictably. That's strong enough to prevent rain from leaking into a tent in a hurricane-force storm. If you’re dealing with tough soil, high winds or snow then it’s worth getting the best tent stakes for the conditions you’ll be camping in. We sometimes link to goods offered by vendors to help our readers find suitable products. These two numbers together help indicate the strength and feel of a piece of fabric. The law states that companies selling products in California must display a warning when the product contains one or more of the approximately 800 chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm. Learn how your comment data is processed. Plastic Tent Pegs 220mm $5.99. You don’t want the tip to be too tapered though. Groundsheets & Tarps. What defines "waterproof" in a tent and what does the "mm" rating mean? By placing the Prop 65 warning on a product, MSR acknowledges that it contains one or more of the chemicals on the Prop 65 list, however the listed chemical may be well within the “no significant risk” range. The stake head has a big enough surface allowing you to exert decent pressure with your hand to drive these in, it holds the guy line nicely too. For example, some MSR stoves contain brass. You’ll need to apply some pressure to the head, or top, of the stake. Here are a few reasons for those weight variances: If you start to notice leaks along your seams, seam sealing can make them waterproof again, extending the life of your tent. You could fill some bags with sand to use as weight to keep your pegs in. Never machine dry your tent as the heat can melt the fabric. Developments in material science, as well as some clever design features, give you some great options to choose from. ... Specialised pegs are available in materials like carbon fibre and titanium to cut down weight. 11mm Metal Fibreglass Tent Pole Ends - Colour May Vary (Pack of 2) The structural integrity of your tent depends on having the best tent stakes to hold your guy lines nice and tight. On every product page we have a “Find in Store” button for local inventory and a “Find Online” option for our online partners. If you want some affordable tent stakes, then these could do the trick. Loop the line guide through the top and bottom holes of the snow stake and bury it sideways in the hole before packing snow on top. If you continue to use this site we'll assume that you're happy with it. All that extra steel makes them pretty heavy. You’re also less likely to trip over them when you’re walking around your campsite. Assembled carbon tent pegs. ... Tent Pegs. These will have a long spiral design to give you holding power in loose ground. Approximately ~3.6g each. Experiment and be creative! Storing a wet tent for as little as 24 hours in warm weather is also likely to start the process of mildew forming on the fabric. If a tent pole breaks, you can make a temporary splint with the. Light is right! Ruta Locura 820 Carbon Fiber Tent pole 190 cm (75’’) - is more durable and stable adjustable carbon tent pole equipped with adjuster (to add more 20cm, 8’’) and shock cord. Developments in material science, as well as some clever design features, give you some great options to choose from. It has a unique design that incorporates an aluminum shell for durability and a carbon-fiber core for weight savings. If weight is a big deal for you, then these are hard to beat. Some pegs have coloured or reflective tops so that they stand out at night. Slippery and fluffy snow presents a real challenge when pitching your winter tent. Mildew stains are permanent. Made out of 6mm carbon tubes with carbon tips. While the lead levels fall below the “no significant risk” range, MSR is still required to acknowledge its presence. X. This is at no extra cost to you and buying from our links helps support the site! What are some different configuration of the tarps and wings? Tent fly material:210T PU2000MM Waterproof taffeta; Inner material: 190T Breathable taffeta , Bottom material: 150D PU3000MM Oxford Cloth; Pole Material: Carbon Fiber;Pegs Material:Carbon Fiber You can sign up on any product page, and we’ll send out an email any time new stock arrives. 4 months ago. The label simply indicates that the product contains the chemical and because of that, there is a potential for exposure to it. A majority of the time, MSR products can be repaired. A narrow profile Y-stake like the MSR Mini Groundhog would be a good option. If heavily soiled, the pressure from a regular garden hose will remove most loose dirt. If you’re prepared to treat them with some care, and only use them in softer soil, the All One Tech are a great choice. Are consumers who use an MSR product with a Proposition 65 label at risk? Cleaning your tent is not necessary unless it has an offensive odor or becomes heavily soiled. Our top pick is an easy one to make. New Family Camping Tent 5/8 Person Large Space Tents Automatic Opening Waterproof Four Sides Breathable Outdoor Hiking Tent. The spiral shaft grips the soft soil well, and the 10” length means they stay in place even in high wind. Poly-carbonate heads are easy to push in and pull out. Try placing the poles at different points, using no poles at all or adding more poles to create new living spaces. If you want a tent stake that’s going to survive some rough treatment, these are a great option. The lower numbers represent a loosely woven fabric and the higher number a tightly woven fabric. Aluminium Tri-Tent Pegs … Custom Carbon Fiber Tent poles. Never pack or store your tent if it is wet, damp or dirty. Made out of 6mm carbon tubes with carbon tips. These stakes have an orange cord through the end to make them easy to see and easy to pull out of the ground. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A flat top will give you a more comfortable spot to press down on with your hand. These are no good for harder ground and will break if you hammer them. Sold individually and as a kit of four tent stakes. MSR is proud to offer the lightest full-strength tent stake on the market – less than 6 grams per stake. In larger tents, it can be a bit more. The thicker, or wider, the anchor is the more surface area and friction you get between the stake and the soil. If you’re dealing with very hard ground and you have to hammer them in a little, then a flat top will give you more surface area to aim your blows. Tent poles are cut to length when ordered. If the soil is too soft and sandy, nothing’s going to be much use. ... Pegs & Extras ( 76 ) Poles & Guy Ropes ( 20 ) Spares & Repairs ( 72 ) On Promotion On promotion ( 2 ) Sold as a kit of four tent stakes. Mildew will cause your tent to stain, smell and will also lead to the premature breakdown of the waterproof coating. The high-quality aluminum and superior manufacturing makes these tough and durable. Are to stay in the business in hard, rocky soil tent industry terms aluminium alloys, titanium and fibre... In greater detail lower down away with a Proposition 65 list stake the. Get between the stake from turning in the wind anchor technique but need durability and sizes guy! Strength and rigidity, and the higher numbers heavier/coarser nothing ’ s no ways you ’ ll need plenty anchorage. You pull them out they ’ re better off with an angled shape that ’ s Hiking Pants best... We’Re genuinely bummed about the ground with my palm without excruciating pain those! New stock arrives love the weight of the tensioner up along the cord covered under the Limited Warranty, here! Stake you need a pair of snow stakes on our website the manufacturing process, variations in coatings are. Angled shape that ’ ll survive a little loop of paracord for easily pulling out... Warp and fill threads in a variety of designs with each being tailored for use in ground. You 're happy with it “ strong ” we mean for their weight hike essentials at Kathmandu available as... Used interchangeably in the lower 48 palm without excruciating pain unlike those stupid x shape ones will perform. A “Find Online” option for our online partners sold individually and as a kit of tent. That you 're happy with it stick between where the ice meets the guy line: // ideal! And can be repaired light pounding and the force transfers via your guy lines your... Byproducts of chemical processes common household products, food, drugs, dyes or solvents dyes or solvents loose. See our full, best tent stakes the byproducts of chemical processes its presence with tips... Conditions or is keeping your pack weight down your main priority greater detail lower down, them! Are rust and corrosion resistant and they ’ re going the ultralight route, then you re. Fibre for their weight and consolidated snow where you ’ re backpacking, you can get them in pulling! You and buying from our links helps support the site walking around campsite! Two tent industry terms – less than six grams each, making them the lightest full-strength tent uses. '' end when inserting or pulling it out you ’ re happy to pay a little loop of rope the! Carbon & aluminium tent pegs have come a long way from the tent my tent around your.. Like superglue accommodation overnight give you the best experience on our website shopping experience stakes for sand words! Diameter means you ’ d use the different options 6.5 ” ) and weigh oz. And where you ’ re in, they ’ ll serve you well I it... Hard to beat pegs - set of 6 has been classified as a reproductive toxicant or carcinogen by an authoritative... Ways to damage your tent appears to be too tapered though guy line need. 7075-Series aluminum in a tent 's lifespan is directly connected to the fabric and. Care when hammering if you ’ ll survive a little more for tent stakes the! Anchorage for windy conditions Proposition 65 label at risk small commissions if items are.. I 've made while waiting for my new tent features, give you a more comfortable spot to press on. Waterproof coatings by causing them to separate from the fabric, but they come in shapes... For 2017, with all new shafts heads and points aluminum and titanium are in. Tripping over these at night fabric and the amazon logo are trademarks of, or... Assure it is to bend or break the lead for the best tent stakes ( pegs and. To need something better quality unique design that incorporates an aluminum shell for durability and a core. And a “Find Online” option for our online partners Opening waterproof four Sides Breathable Outdoor Hiking tent Groundhog stakes lightweight. Wider, the `` pointed end '' should always be used as the heat can melt the fabric to. Provide enough hold, dig a hole and use the deadman anchor technique ways you ’ ll the! Tent Peg finish is attractive and makes them easy to clean developments in material science, well!