170 million for relief to weather affected", "JO faults govt. This year, the latest powerful cyclone named Ockhi (means eye in Bangla) has caused extensive damage to the lives of the people living in coastal areas. Chief Minister of Kerala complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had a negligent attitude towards states ruled by the Left. ( cyclocane is a CYCLOne and hurriCANE tracker by hayley) ... OCKHI discussion prévisions. [9] On November 29, the storm organized into a depression just off the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, and the India Meteorological Department (IMD) gave the system the identifier BOB 07. Chabahar Port. He also announced that fishermen and their children will be paid ₹60 and ₹ 45 as an allowance for a week along with free food and rations for the residents of the coastal villages for a period of a month.[66]. Cyclone Ockhi continues to weaken gradually and is now seen as a Deep Depression over east-central Arabian Sea. [42] The Department of Meteorology issued heavy rain warnings for the Northern, North-Central, Uva, Southern, Western, Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces, and an additional one to fishing communities warning of rough seas and winds up to 70 km/h (43 mph). Cyclone Ockhi was named by Bangladesh after the Bengali word for “eye” and is considered to be the most intense cyclone to transverse the Arabian Sea since 2015’s Cyclone Megh that affected Oman, Somalia and Yemen, killing 18 people. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). As and when the wind speeds settles between 89 and 118 kilometers per hour, it turns into a severe cyclonic storm. [22] The department instead predicted rain of 75 mm (3.0 in) or more over various parts of the island over the period of November 28–30. Pas disponible en français. Ockhi has been named by Bangladesh. News For UPSC Aspirants. [43][44], Several seafaring vessels were capsized on November 30:[25], In all, 14 separate incidents were reported in the Maldivian seas as a result of Ockhi's effects. How was the disaster … Cyclone Ockhi . Popular Courses. for ignoring storm warnings and placing people at mercy of weather gods", "Cyclone Ockhi updates: Palaniswamy urges Rajnath Singh to involve Navy, Coast Guard in search operations LIVE News, Latest Updates, Live blog, Highlights and Live coverage", "While southern Kerala and parts of T.N. [2], While near Kanyakumari in mainland India, Ockhi changed course and intensified while heading towards Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea. What was the incapacity observed during the hit? What is the significance of cyclone Ockhi? Cyclocane | National … Arpit Adlakha discuss on Tropical Cyclone Ockhi. ... Cyclone Ockhi. The Nashik District received 125.5 mm of rain, due to the impact of Ockhi. Simplifying UPSC IAS Preparation. On Saturday, at its most powerful, Ockhi had wind speeds between 155 and 165 km per hour, touching the upper border for ‘very severe cyclonic storm’. Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons are usually named for the benefit of easy communication between forecasters and the public. In Bengali, ‘Ockhi’ means eye. Cyclone development: Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The Centre Government reported that 39 people had died and 167 were missing, after the cyclone hit parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In Bardez taluka, only soil erosion at Anjuna and Baga Beaches and damage to a retaining wall at Coco Beach in Nerul were reported. Its colour varies from black to brown, purple or dark green. We have launched our mobile APP get it now. The latest IMD forecast (5.30 pm, Tuesday) stated that the cyclone, lay centred in east central Arabian Sea, 240 km from Surat, causing high speed winds and rain across Gujarat and adjoining Maharashtra. Cyclone Ockhi. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. [22] The Department of Meteorology also issued a weather advisory for heavy rain, strong winds, and rough seas on the morning of November 28, at 1130 IST. [27] The Government of Maharashtra announced a holiday on December 5 for schools in the MMR and in some other selective districts, for safety purposes. Apurv discuss on Cyclone Ockhi. It is centered at Latitude 19°N and Longitude 71.3°E, around 260 km south­southwest of Surat and 140 km west of Mumbai. [64] Tamil Nadu's government stated on December 6 that as many as 4,501 houses in Cyclone Ockhi-hit Kanyakumari had suffered partial and full damage and relief to the tune of ₹41 lakh had been provided. The government sought a relief package, worth ₹7,340 crore (US$1.14 billion). [28], The system produced heavy rainfall and gale-force winds in Sri Lanka, initially affecting the southern coastline, with Matara, and the general Matara District in particular, experiencing wind speeds of 70–80 km/h (40–50 mph) and bearing the brunt of the cyclone. [30] On December 2, the cyclone hit the Lakshadweep islands, suffering more than Rs 500 crore (US$77.5 million) loss. [39] Colombo and its suburbs, along with the southwestern and western coastal regions, were also affected, with many parts of the capital city and its suburbs experiencing power outages and property damage; several roads were obstructed by falling trees and power lines, including that leading to the Supreme Court complex at Aluthkade. This was evident in the recent Ockhi cyclone disaster. The western coast of India thus witnesses only those cyclones that originate locally or the ones, like Ockhi, that travel from the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka. Strong winds of 25 km/h were also recorded. However, these are back in the news due to Cyclone Ockhi. [63] 4 tonnes of material, including rice, dal, salt and potatoes, water, blankets, raincoats, disposable clothes, mosquito nets and dhurries, were given to the local government. [36] Close to 12 boats, housing 138 fishermen in total, arrived at Kalpeni, while four other boats arrived at Androth, Kithan and Chatlet, all of which were in Lakshadweep. [51] The coastal areas of Ernakulam District, in Kerala, were affected by the cyclone. [25][45] The Maldives National Defence Force was assigned to rescue and flood draining efforts predominantly on islands where the local citizenry could not manage on their own; the police too provided aid. Context. Insights MINDMAPS: “Chabahar Port” and “Cyclone Ockhi”. Beyond News . Though it rapidly weakened during its final stages over the Arabian Sea, it caused heavy rainfall along the western coast of India, particularly in Maharashtra and Gujarat. [2], Despite international weather reports on November 26–27 warning of a possible storm condition over parts of the island, the Meteorology Department of Sri Lanka issued no warning on the lead-up to the cyclone, dismissing in a statement on November 28 reports of any possible adverse weather systems forming off the country's coast, citing insufficient data to arrive at such a conclusion. The whirlwind that arose in the Bay of Bengal and revved up over Sri Lanka was expected to pass over Lakshadweep and then ease into the Arabian Sea, far away from India’s west coast. Edappadi K. Palaniswami encouraged Rajnath Singh to involve the Navy and Coast Guard in search operations. [42] The National Building Research Organisation issued a warning to Kalutara District and its surroundings, with a focus on Palindanuwara, Bulathsinhala, Ingiriya and Agalawatta in particular, predicting landslides and sinkhole formation. [25][45], Cyclone Ockhi passed just south of Puthalam, the southern tip of mainland India, on November 30. [60] Rs 10,000 was pledged as an initial allowance for each family affected to a significant degree by Ockhi. Rajnath Singh committee of Union Government approves financial assistance to several flood affected states . The next cyclone has already been named by India as ‘Sagar’. Temps Vent Localisation Status; 2017-12-05T06:00:00.000Z: 45 nœuds: 18.2, 70.6: 2017-12-05T18:00:00.000Z: 40 nœuds: 20.2, 71.5: Hurricane Forecast | Tropical Storm Risk | Hurricane Spaghetti Models | Hurricane Names. People were provided with humanitarian assistance and disaster relief by the Indian Navy in Lakshadweep. [25][26], Close to 220 families were moved from the coastal areas of Kochi as a precaution, due to a storm surge at Chellanam. [67] The complaint was that in the matter of Ockhi and the natural calamity that followed, the Centre had a different attitude. Cyclone Ockhi, predicted to pass over the Lakshwadeep islands and veer away from mainland India will now turn and head towards parts of coastal Maharashtra and South Gujarat. Search Here. Insights has redefined the way preparation is done in UPSC civil service exam. From UPSC perspective, the following things are important : Prelims level : Cyclone nomenclature. What happens when judges face allegations? In general, tropical cyclones were not named. The ninth depression, and the third and strongest named storm of the 2017 North Indian Ocean cyclone season, Ockhi originated from an area of low pressure that formed over the southwest Bay of Bengal on November 28. Nine regions are responsible for the nomenclature namely — North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Eastern North Pacific, Central North Pacific, Southern Pacific, Western North Pacific, North Indian Ocean, South West Indian Ocean. [65] The government asked for a relief of ₹9,302 crore (US$1.44 billion). About: Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS). [12] The storm tracked along Sri Lanka's southwestern and western coastline, towards the west-northwest, around the southern verge of a subtropical ridge located over India. [8], On November 28, an area of low pressure developed about 425 km (265 mi) to the south-southeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, declared a compensation of ₹20 lakh to the families of those who died and ₹5 lakh to those who were permanently disabled due to the cyclone. [38][39] Falling trees and damage to power transmission lines resulted in power outages in affected areas, with Matara, Galle and Ambalangoda among the worst affected. ( Log Out /  Cyclones are categorised by the maximum wind speed they generate. [53] The cyclone went on to hit the Lakshadweep islands on December 2. Category 3 tropical cyclone that struck Sri Lanka and India in 2017, Cyclone Ockhi near peak intensity west of, "Cyclone Ockhi: the story behind the name...", Very Severe Cyclonic Storm "Ockhi" over Bay of Bengal (29 November – 06 December 2017): A Report, "Cyclone Ockhi: rains hit Lakshadweep islands, damage houses, uproot trees", "Cyclone Ockhi dissipates, Gujarat spared", "Church to take legal action over Indian cyclone tragedy", "Will Sri Lanka turn to SMS storm warnings after 'night from hell'? A series of advisories were issued during this period, until the effect of the cyclone lessened over the island. [11] The IMD followed suit, upgrading the storm to a Deep Depression, and soon afterwards to Cyclonic Storm Ockhi.